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US Supreme Court to Decide Whether Private Entity Operating Public Access Channel Can Violate Individuals’ First Amendment Rights

The US Supreme Court last week agreed to hear a case in which two individuals sued a New York cable-TV public access channel for violating their First Amendment rights by banning them from the channel's services and facilities. In Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, the two petitioners, Halleck and Melendez, argue that the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) unconstitutionally banned them from the public access channel, which they argue is a public forum subject to the First Amendment. Read More.

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U.S. Pastor Council v. City Of Austin et al (filed 10/6/18)
U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas

A case filed by the U.S. Pastor Council objecting to the City of Austin's employment discrimination ordinance, claiming that it fails to provides exemptions or accommodations for employers who hold religious objections to homosexuality or transgender people, and violates the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Constitution, and the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

U.S. Pastor Council et al v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission et al (filed 10/6/18)
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas

A case filed by US Pastor Council and other plaintiffs requesting the court exempt Christian employers from discrimination protections in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

United States of America v. State of California et al (filed 9/30/18)
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California

Lee v. Ticketmaster L.L.C. et al (filed 9/28/18)
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

A class action lawsuit filed against Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation Entertainment alleging Ticketmaster secretly helps ticket scalpers.

United States Securities and Exchange Commission v. Musk (filed 9/27/18)
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against Tesla CEO Elon Musk seeking to bar him from serving as an executive or director of publicly traded companies. This comes in response to tweet by Musk on August 7, 2018, in which he said he had "funding secured" to convert Tesla into a private company.

Nicholas et al v. Trump et al (filed 9/26/18)
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Facebook, Inc. v. BlackBerry Limited et al (filed 9/4/18)
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Facebook has filed a lawsuit against BlackBerry alleging patent infringement over several patents related to voice messaging. Earlier this year, Blackberry filed a lawsuit against Facebook over voice messaging software, as well.

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Where the Streets Have No Names, the People Have No Vote
The New York Times, October 19, 2018

The Enlightenment gave us street addresses and ushered in democracy. The Age of Un-Enlightenment is using addresses to usher it out.

What Could Ruin a Big Blue Wave?
The New York Times, October 16, 2018

Donald Trump seems to have evaded Hispanics voters’ wrath.

His Case Made It to the Supreme Court. He Didn’t Have to Look Far for a Lawyer.
The New York Times, October 15, 2018

Theodore Frank, a critic of class action settlements, will argue his own case. On the whole, people representing themselves in the Supreme Court have done rather well.

Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts
SCOTUSblog, October 12, 2018

Oyez has posted the aligned audio and transcripts from this week’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The court heard argument this week in: Stokeling v. United States United States v. Stitt Nielsen v. Preap Air and Liquid Systems Corp. v. DeVries The post Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog.

Brett M. Kavanaugh Oath Ceremony
Supreme Court of the United States, October 6, 2018

The Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh will be sworn in as the 102nd Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on October 6, 2018. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., will administer the Constitutional Oath and retired Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy will administer the Judicial Oath in a private ceremony later today in the Justices' Conference Room at the Supreme Court. Both oaths will be administered so that he can begin to participate in the work of the Court immediately. A formal investiture...

Could the Conservative Attack on the Administrative State be Good for Net Neutrality—and for Progressive Regulation More Generally?
Justia's Verdict, October 3, 2018

Cornell law professor Michael C. Dorf anticipates the possible next steps in the federal government’s lawsuit against California over the state’s new law mandating net neutrality. Dorf explains why, if conservative scholars and Supreme Court justices succeed in what seems to be their goal of weakening federal regulatory agencies, that could ironically be a boon to net neutrality and to government regulation more broadly.