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The Tenth Circuit reversed a trial court's decision involving the fair use exception to copyright infringement, allowing a cameraman's lawsuit to continue against Netflix.

On Friday, March 8, 2024, three authors filed a class action lawsuit against NVIDIA Corporation in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, alleging that NVIDIA copied their copyrighted works to train its NeMo Megatron-GPT large language model artificial intelligence software programs.

On Monday, February 26, 2024, Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, District of Rhode Island, against Tropic Haze LLC, the developer of the "Yuzu" emulator.

On Monday, February 12, 2024, choreographer Kyle Hanagami settled his copyright lawsuit against Epic Games, Inc. alleging that the video game developer and distributor copied his copyrighted dance moves.

A non-fiction author argues that the startup and the tech giant have violated federal law by copying thousands of books without permission.

Google assured its customers that it will take responsibility for IP litigation over the training data for its generative AI products, as well as the generated output that its customers create by using these products.

Nayvadius Wilburn, better known as the rapper "Future," successfully defended a copyright infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, brought by another rapper, DaQuan "Gutta" Robinson.

A potential legal battle between the vaunted newspaper company and the architect of ChatGPT could affect the future of generative AI models.

The author of "The Tetris Effect" sued Apple, Tetris, and others in federal court on Monday, alleging that Apple TV's "Tetris" copied his work.

Sarah Silverman and two novelists sued OpenAI and Meta in federal court on Friday, claiming the companies infringed the authors' copyrights when their works were used to train ChatGPT and LLaMA.