City of San Diego and E-Scooter Start-Up Companies, Bird & Lime, Sued by Disability Rights Group Over Obstructed Public Walkways

A disability rights group has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and three companies, including private e-scooter companies Bird and Lime, for allegedly breaching the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related state legislation.

The class-action lawsuit, Montoya et al v. City of San Diego et al, argues that the city has failed to uphold its duty of keeping city sidewalks, ramps, crosswalks, and other public areas clear of dispersed scooters, which can create hazardous situations for people with physical disabilities.

The lawsuit also claims that the companies are responsible because they created the hazards in the first place through geo-fencing and have not implemented efforts to address this issue. The plaintiff requests an injunction that would prohibit scooters from being operated or parked on city sidewalks, curbs, transit stops, and other public walkways.

A similar case has been filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by pedestrians who claim that they have been injured by scooters scattered in various public areas.

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