Class Action Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Nike

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Nike by four female employees who worked in the company’s corporate headquarters which claim violations of the Equal Pay Act. The lawsuit further claims Nike ignored rampant sexual harassment in the company.

As detailed in depth by Vox news, in the spring of 2018, Nike was a subject of an investigation by the New York Times which described the work environment for women within the company as “toxic”. Since the publication of the investigation, several senior level male employees have left the company, however, the lawsuit is the first legal action taken by the female employees since the Times’ report.

While there has been a commitment made by the Company’s CEO to rectify the situation, the lawsuit seeks back pay for women whose careers at the Company were hindered by the pervasive corporate culture of sexism and further demands structural reform of the company’s hiring and compensation practices in the form of a court-ordered supervisor.

Nike has more than 67,000 employees world wide, with women holding 29 percent of the company’s VP positions across the globe.

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