Female Congressional Candidate Wins The Right to Pay for Child Care with Campaign Funds

Liuba Grechen Shirley is currently running for Congress in the Second District of New York. Last month, she asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for permission to use funds generated by her campaign to cover the cost of a babysitter for her two toddler-aged children.

“[A]s the primary elections approaches,” she told the FEC in her written request, “I expect to need full-time care for my children, along with additional support on evenings and weekends so that I can devote the time necessary to run a successful campaign.”

Her request was granted on May 10 in a unanimous FEC decision.

Grechen Shirley is the first female candidate for Congress to obtain FEC approval of this nature. Back in 1995, a male candidate was also granted a similar approval, albeit under much more limited circumstances. Grechen Shirley is the first female candidate for which approval has been granted, however. She hopes the FEC’s decision will set an example for other mothers who are considering running for office in the future, particularly those of limited financial means who could benefit the most from an approval to use campaign funds for child care.

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Photo Credit: Neil Overy / Shutterstock.com