First Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Juul After Teen Dies

The mother of an 18-year-old Juul user who passed away due to respiratory complications has filed what appears to be the first wrongful death lawsuit against vaping company Juul. The lawsuit alleges that the teen was first exposed to Juul’s advertising in 2015, became strongly addicted to its nicotine vaping products, and in 2018 was found dead by his father.

The complaint alleges that the victim’s behavior changed significantly after he became addicted to Juul’s products, and that he was hospitalized for three days within the first year that he began using them. Multiple lawsuits are pending against the company related to allegedly unlawful marketing to minors as well as injury causes of action. While many victims of the hundreds of reported vaping-related lung injuries and over two dozen deaths used products containing THC, some used products containing only nicotine.

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Complaint, Vail v. Juul Labs, Inc., filed, October 15, 2019, via Justia Dockets

Photo credit: / PavelKant