Google Announces Efforts to Close Pay Gaps Across Race and Gender

Google has reportedly spent approximately $270,000 to close unexplained pay gaps it identified among over 200 employees in six job groups. As part of this effort to close any “statistically significant” pay inequities, Google reviewed any job group with 30 or more employees, and at least five employees in every demographic group for which it had data. The pay increases occurred following a revised class action that was filed against the search giant earlier this year, alleging that women make less than their male counterparts at Google.

Prior to the class action claims, the Department of Labor investigated Google’s pay practices, and took legal action against the company in an attempt to obtain compensation data. Perhaps reflecting a broader trend across the tech industry and beyond, gender-based class action claims are pending against Microsoft, and HSBC has also come under scrutiny for significant pay gaps between men and women.

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