Google Employees Unionize

More than 400 Google engineers and other workers have formed a union, a rarity in Silicon Valley.

The union’s creation follows years of growing activism and increasing outspokenness by Google workers. Employees have been vocal about the need for policy overhauls on pay, harassment, and ethics.

Organized in secret over the past year, the new union (called the Alphabet Workers Union) elected leaders last month. It is affiliated with the Communication Workers of America.

Unlike a traditional union, the Alphabet Workers Union is a “minority” union that only represents a fraction of the company’s employees. It will not be attempting to negotiate a contract.

Instead, the union will be more focused on giving structure and longevity to activism at Google.

Additional Resources

Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism, The New York Times (January 4th, 2021)

Image credit: / Sundry Photography