IBM Lawsuit Alleges Patent Infringement by Airbnb

In a patent infringement lawsuit filed in Delaware federal court, IBM claims that Airbnb has unlawfully been using multiple IBM patents in running its online short-term rental platform business. IBM alleges that it has been attempting to negotiate a licensing agreement with Airbnb since 2014, but that these efforts have been unsuccessful.

The complaint lists patents related to functions including improving search results and navigation as being among those that Airbnb has allegedly infringed upon. IBM has asked for an injunction against further infringement, a jury trial, and damages for infringement occurring since 2014. Airbnb denies IBM’s allegations.

Additional Reading

Airbnb Sued for Patent Infringement by IBM, Law Street Media, March 12, 2020

Complaint, International Business Machines Corporation v. Airbnb, Inc., filed March 11, 2020, via Justia Dockets

Photo credit: / Tero Vesalainen