Judge Rules that Hash Brown Eater is Not Guilty of Distracted Driving

Connecticut motorist Jason Stiber claimed that he was eating a McDonald’s hash brown when police gave him a ticket for distracted driving last year.

After a magistrate found him guilty, Stiber took his case to trial.

Stiber’s attorney stated that it was probably the “most expensive hash brown in history.” He did not reveal his fee, but it was likely higher than the $300 fine that Stiber refused to pay.

Stiber asserted that the police corporal confused his black cellphone with his breakfast. It seems that he fought the $300 fine on principle.

Judge Maureen Dennis did not rule on whether Stiber was actually eating a hashbrown, but she did rule that the state had failed to meet its burden of proof.

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Motorist wins ‘hash brown’ vs. cellphone trial in Connecticut, NBC News, April 26, 2019

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / karen roach