Kanye West Facing Lawsuit Based on Alleged Theft of Services and Technology

MyChannel, Inc., a video and e-commerce technology company, has sued famous rapper and independent presidential candidate Kanye West. The lawsuit alleges that West failed to follow through on his promise to invest $10 million in the company. West allegedly had offered to make this investment as a substitute for paying MyChannel for its services.

According to the lawsuit, West first retained the services of MyChannel in early 2018. He asked the company to help improve the sales of his Yeezy Apparel line. Employees of MyChannel allegedly spent over 10,000 hours working on this project, while the company spent $7 million of its funds. After six months, West ended the relationship without having paid for the services or having invested the promised amount in MyChannel.

The lawsuit makes additional claims against the rapper, including an allegation that he stole MyChannel technology to use in boosting sales of his apparel on his Sunday Service performances. West also allegedly forced MyChannel to relocate from Pennsylvania to Southern California and then to Chicago for his convenience. MyChannel asserts that West improperly rebranded its work and ideas as his own while meeting with other companies, such as Adidas.

The legal theories in the case involve breach of partnership and breach of a non-disclosure agreement. MyChannel seeks $20 million in total damages.

Photo Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com