Kenneth Shigley Running Nonpartisan Campaign for Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals

Ken ShigleyFormer Georgia State Bar President and longtime Justia friend and client Kenneth Shigley recently announced that he was running for Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals in the statewide nonpartisan judicial primary on May 22, 2018. His campaign website lists his background, qualifications, publications, and other information.

Ken attended Furman University for college and Emory University for law school, after which point he went back home to take a job as an Assistant District Attorney.¬†After his stint at the District Attorney’s office, he worked in small town general law practice until he was recruited to join an Atlanta law firm. He spent the next ten years at that firm, and then decided to start his own law practice to represent individuals, families and small businesses in insurance, injury and wrongful death cases. He served as¬†president of the State Bar of Georgia from 2011-2012, during which he launched the “Next Generation Courts Commission” to explore what the court system should look like in 20 years.

Ken has been a Justia client nearly since the company’s inception.