Lawsuit Alleges Injuries Caused by Apple’s MagSafe Power Adapter

On January 2, Penny Manzi and her husband, Jerry Manzi, filed a lawsuit against Apple in a U.S. District Court in Chicago. The lawsuit alleges that the MagSafe power adapter manufactured by the tech giant caused serious burns by setting fire to Ms. Manzi’s head. Ms. Manzi claims that she was using the adapter to power an Apple laptop while wearing an oxygen mask for certain health conditions. According to the lawsuit, a spark ignited the oxygen and set fire to her face and skull. The couple is seeking $75,000 in damages, which include not only the costs of her medical treatment but also pain and suffering and reduced quality of life for both the victim and her husband.

This lawsuit echoes previous concerns over the MagSafe adapter, which decays faster than other Apple products in the experience of many consumers. The Manzis admit that Apple’s extended warranty program was intended to cover the risk of the adapter sparking, melting, or overheating. However, they argue that the existence of the program did not meet Apple’s duty to warn consumers of the risk. (Apple has not yet responded to the allegations.)

Even though the issues with the device have drawn widespread attention, many consumers continue to favor the adapter because it is easy to disconnect. Two years ago, Apple obtained a patent that suggests that the adapter may be revived as a magnetic dongle attachment.

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