Lawsuit Alleging Bias by Google Against Conservatives Allowed to Go Forward

In a tentative order issued last Friday, a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge allowed a former Google employee’s lawsuit alleging discrimination by the company against conservatives, men, white people, and people of Asian descent to go forward. The lead plaintiff, whose suit has been joined by a small number of other men, is a former Google engineer who was fired after he circulated an internal memo that was critical of the company’s efforts to increase gender and racial diversity among its workforce, and suggested that the lack of female engineers in the profession had to do with biological differences.

The current lawsuit against Google is reflective broader commentary from some on the right that tech giants censor or otherwise discourage the dissemination of conservative ideas. Now that the suit can move forward, the plaintiffs will be able to request internal communications and other documents from Google in an effort to support their claims.

Additional Reading

Order, James Damore, et al. v. Google, LLC, et al., June 7, 2019