Lawsuit Filed by Facebook Content Moderator Claims the Job Caused PTSD

In a suit filed in San Mateo County, former content moderator Selena Scola alleges negligence and failure to maintain a safe workplace. She is claiming that the “disturbing” images that her job required her to watch led her to develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Content moderators like Scola have the job of removing posts that violate Facebook’s terms of use. According to her complaint, the job entails watching videos and livestreams of “child sexual abuse, rape, torture, bestiality, beheadings, suicide and murder.”

Scola also named the staffing company Pro Unlimited Inc. in the suit. She worked at Facebook’s offices for nine months under a contract with the staffing company.

Though Facebook helped to establish the industry standards for training, counseling and supporting content moderators, the lawsuit claims that Facebook does not actually follow these workplace safety guidelines.

The suit asks that both companies named fund a medical monitoring program for helping to diagnose and treat content moderators for psychological injuries, including PTSD.

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Former content moderator files lawsuit against Facebook, claims the job gave her PTSD, Los Angeles Times, September 24, 2018

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