Rhode Island Becomes Most Recent State to Enact Gun Reform Legislation

Last week, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo signed two pieces of gun reform legislation into law. The first bans bump stocks, devices which modify and allow semi-automatic weapons to transform into fully automatic guns. Such devices were used in the Las Vegas massacre of over 50 people in October, 2017. The second piece of legislation is a so called “Reg Flag Law”, which allows law enforcement, by petitioning the courts, to flag and remove firearms from high risk individuals who pose a significant risk or danger to themselves or others. Rhode Island is the ninth U.S. state to enact such a law.

More Resources:

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Rhode Island Law – Chapter 005 – S 2292 SUBSTITUTE A – Enacted 6/01/2018 (Bump Stocks)

Rhode Island Law – Chapter 006 – S 2492 SUBSTITUTE A – Enacted 6/01/2018 (Red Flag Law)