Samsung Sued for Patent Infringement by Quantum Tech Company

Nanoco, a British nanotechnology company that makes quantum dots for vibrant screen displays, announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. The case was filed last week in Texas federal court, and alleges that Samsung has willfully infringed Nanoco’s patents with regard to importing and selling televisions that unlawfully incorporated Nanoco’s technology.

The two companies reportedly have a history of collaboration with respect to the technology at issue, with Nanoco stating that Samsung ended the collaboration and began producing and selling large numbers of its premium TVs without securing a licensing or supply agreement with Nanoco. The complaint seeks a permanent injunction against Samsung’s alleged infringement, as well as monetary damages.

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Complaint, Nanoco Technologies Ltd. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al, filed February 14, 2020, via Justia Dockets

Photo credit: / GiroScience