The NYPD Demands for Google to Stop Allowing DWI Checkpoint Location Information on Waze App

The NYPD has sent a letter to Google demanding that it remove a feature that allows users to post drunk-driving checkpoints on its Wave navigation app. In the letter, the NYPD argues that the feature is irresponsible because it allows impaired and intoxicated drivers to avoid checkpoints and therefore encourages reckless driving. Those users who post such checkpoints on the Waze app, the NYPD says, may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions hinder the NYPD from enforcing DWI laws and other criminal and traffic laws.

A Google spokesperson has implied that the company is not convinced by the NYPD’s argument; instead, the company claims that warning drivers about checkpoints encourages them to be more careful and make “safer decisions” on the road. The letter demands that Google remove any current data related to the checkpoints feature and continue to take steps against users’ ability to post such information on their app.

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