USPS Halts Planned Changes as States Take Legal Action

Democratic state attorneys general across the country are reportedly in the process of filing lawsuits against the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the federal government in response to changes to postal operations that challengers argue could undermine mail-in voting during the November general election. In light of the backlash that has resulted, the USPS has reversed course on operational changes including removing mailboxes, reducing hours, and eliminating overtime.

One of the lawsuits that has already been filed includes Washington, Colorado, Illinois, and Virginia among the plaintiff states, and alleges that the defendants have acted illegally in attempting to institute the changes described above. In addition to statutory violations, the lawsuit claims that these actions obstruct states’ rights to facilitate congressional elections, among other constitutional violations. The Postmaster General has since stated the changes at issue will be delayed until after the presidential election.

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Complaint, Washington v. Trump et. al, filed August 16, 2020

Photo credit: / Jonathan Weiss